FRANCHISEE OFFER:- (Business opportunity with high return)
The franchise opportunity opens the door for you to own and operate a transportation business with a proven track record for success.
Being an franchisee grants you the benefits of a successful system of transportation services built on reliable and efficient technology, the support of expertise and the strength of a brand Name trusted for its quality service.
Do you want to become a successful entrepreneur. Here presenting you a business opportunity with minimal investment and high return in spite of the technological advancements in transferring data electronically the need to transportation services in a safe and secure manner is constantly on the rise giving way to new, highly lucorative and challenging business opportunities in the logistics services industry.
We have already made our mark in the corporate sector and with all India domestic networks of branches of our Jayam group company.

With a motivation to provide better service and wide network of branches. Now we are offering franchisee to new person and also to EXISTING CARGO AGENCIES CAN BECOME OUR FRANCHISEE. We are open to all with all the necessary infrastructure and manpower already in place and for which we invite you to be a FRANCHISEE for our Logistics business. .

Service Offered:
  •     Logistics Services to the Manufactures / Industries
  •    Logistics Services to the Logistics Services Providers
  •    Transportation services to Transport Companies
  •    Transportation services to the Fleet Owners
  •    Transportation services to the domestics
  •    Logistics Consultancy services / ISO / Quality / Training services
Franchise Prerequisites:
  •    Investment: Rs. 10,000 - Rs. 50,000
  •    Leadership experience in related field
Franchise Benefits:
   A reputed brand name & logo to use
   A trusted business model to follow  
   Marketing support
   Advertisement assistance Achieve your dreams and be your own boss, join us today!
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