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“RIGHT FLEET” Data & Solution product by us is your organisation’s most valuable Assets. It is a B2B and B2C E-Commerce platform to simplify Freight by use of Tech. Decisions made with this information can greatly impact your business including profit, product safety, reliability, speed of delivery, on time and budget delivery.

Our goal is to place where Cargo Providers meet Fleet Providers for their Logistics Needs.

Cargo Providers able to get instant Access to Service Providers and Reduction in sourcing time and logistics cost.

Fleet Providers (Road/Air/Ocean) able to get instant access to cargo providers and to increase in revenue

“RIGHT FLEET” brings answers to the many challenges posed through its State-of-the-Art Solutions, using the latest market tools. With an expert logistics team, Right Truck will provide cost effective solutions from wide range of "Dedicated Service provides domain”.

Right Fleet Services Road Transport, Ocean Transport and Air Transport

Right Fleet Solution

  • To provide a common platform for Fleet Provides and Cargo Providers to connect with each other and carry out transactions.
  • This business is facilitated through web interface/ Mobile APP

Being a Right Fleet Member grants you the benefits of a successful model / system of transportation services built on reliable and efficient technology, the support of expertise and the strength of a brand Name trusted for its quality service to the end customer.

Do you want to become a successful entrepreneur. Here joining you as Member with minimal professional charges and high return in spite of the technological advancements in transferring data electronically the need to fleet services in a safe and secure manner is constantly on the rise giving way to new, highly lucrative and challenging business opportunities in the logistics services industry.

We have already made our mark in the corporate sector and with all India domestic networks of branches of our Right group company.

With a motivation to provide better service and wide network of branches. Now we are requesting you as a Member in RIGHTFLEET.COM. We are open to all with all the necessary infrastructure and manpower already in place and for which we invite you to be a Member for our Logistics business.

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